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About VAM

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                Venice Asset Management (VAM) is a participant in the carbon credits trading markets; and develops and arranges funding for innovative environmentally sustainable projects. Its people and relationships participate in the development and management of these projects. 


VAM is an investor in and a market maker on its global carbon credits and water trading exchanges. VAM is also an investor and participant in large scale recycled waste water projects in Victoria and South Australia.


Green Hydrogen has the potential of becoming the clean fuel for the global energy transition with Australia being uniquely placed to pioneer its commercialisation. We are focussed on being part of this important evolution.


VAM has highly experienced executives and relationships that source, develop, fund, and manage projects.


                    VAM is a participant in recycled waste water projects in Victoria and South Australia; and a cookstove carbon emissions reduction project in the Philippines. 


FoodSecure Melbourne, a food bowl precinct west of Melbourne – a world-leading project creating a 20,000 hectare newly-irrigated recycled water food bowl using waste water that is currently being discharged into Port Phillip Bay. 


VineSecure South Australia, a climate resilience project that uses recycled waste water to provide secure and affordable water to the viticultural industry in the Barossa, Eden and Clare Valleys, and the Adelaide Hills.


OmeEco Philippines, a scalable carbon credits project in the Philippines to replace open fire household cooking with energy efficient cookstoves to 15M “dirty kitchen” households. The stoves are provided at no cost to households in lieu of OmeEco receiving carbon credits generated by the measurable reduction in carbon emissions. 

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